Newell Family

When I first met Dawn it was a few years back. Her and I met in one of the most interesting places, the woman’s bathroom of our church. Now before I lose you I must explain that the two of us were dripping with water from head to toe in our clothes. We had just made the plunge and were baptized. I’d say this was a great time to start a friendship.


Kevin met Dawn while they were living in Ohio through mutual friends. The two fell in love and the rest is history. You can see how much fun the two of them have together along with their sweet kids Kyle and Addison.

Recently I learned that Addison loves gymnastics and being the family clown. Kyle has musical talents. Not only does he love Christian hip hop music, he plays the guitar and will be learning to play the trumpet this fall. Both he and his dad love sports.

Dawn loves to binge watch Netflix but has also taken up running. For many of us this isn’t something we just do for fun. She is doing this for a bigger purpose. She is part of a ministry called Hope Water Project. Her along with many others are running in the Grand Rapids marathon to plant wells in Africa. How does this work? Feel free to check out her page here.

Session took place at Grand Ravines North Park in Allendale, MI

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