Al & Betty’s 65th Anniversary


As I sat with my Grandma (Betty) this past Saturday, I asked her to tell me the same story she told me years ago. The one of how she and my Grandpa (Albert) met. She told me of the cold winters they had in Hudsonville, MI back in the late 1940s and how she and her friends would walk to Porter’s Pond to ice skate. This is where she met Albert and he asked her to start dating him. Between you and me, I think it was more than the ice skating that intrigued her. After 2 years of dating he proposed. Being a woman of faith my Grandma refused to marry someone who wasn’t a man of God. It was in this moment that she led him to the Lord and they were engaged.

On August 14th 1952 they married and months later they expected their first child thus beginning our family legacy. When asking Grandma how it feels to have 65 years together, She told me “I just can’t believe that the two of us started all of this”. Meaning our abundantly blessed family.


Although we are without many special people in this photo we are blessed as a group of Schepers. Both of them have taught me much about having faith and how to cherish those I meet. I wish many more years of blessings to both of them! Click on the image below to see more from the Anniversary Event.

IMG_8813 copy

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Hanes (66)


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