String Art

Can I just say how amazing this past weekend was? I have the most amazing friends up in Onekema, MI. But no one knows where that is so we’ll say Manistee (within 10 minutes). Our good friends manage The Alpine Motor Lodge where they hosted a girls crafting getaway weekend. Next year, ladies… you won’t want to miss this.

Upon arrival we were greeted in the lobby with these amazing goody bags and French Macaroons.

And endless coffee and cappuccino

I think you could say that my fellow roomy and I enjoyed the contents of our goody bag. 1:00am face masks anyone?
Well, enough about the weekend (what happens at the Alpine stays at the Alpine)

Let me tell you about the string art I made. I picked the camera because I wanted to put this project in My studio. Before I started I bought/brought/borrowed (as if it would be returned) the following:

1 scheme of teal yarn

1 scheme of linen colored yarn (even though I only used 10ft)

1 small pack of embroidery string in the color coral (Only used 5ft which I actually borrowed from someone at the event).

3-2oz packs of 15″x1″ wire nails

2 saw tooth hangers for the back to hang on the wall.



Stencil of the shape

Piece of wood (stain or paint if preferred)





1. Place wood surface upside down

2. apply the saw tooth hangers first and flip over to begin working (if you do this last you will be applying pressure to your string, your choice)

3. place stencil on wood where you would like it to appear.

4. Hammer each nail (using pliers to hold nail in place or to protect your fingers) approximately 3/4″ apart or close to it.

(You’ll notice I placed a towel under my board to absorb the loud sounds)

5. In this case you could string the yarn inside the shape or on the outside leaving the shape untouched. Since I wanted to fill all the empty space, I needed to make a boarder of the nails. after you finished with the nails remove the paper. (You may need to use tweezers for this)

6. I strung the yarn from nail to nail all over the board. There is no wrong way to do this as long as you don’t cover your shape.

6. “Pro tip” (that is if you would call me a pro): wrap around a nail twice for extra strength. (It helps that my nails had flat heads as seen above to prevent the string from slipping)

7. Once finished I decided to do another color around the trim. I occasionally wrapped a nail twice to secure the yarn from slipping, especially in the corners working along the outside.

I think we all had fun but learned some tricks along the way. Here is a picture of all the different things we made.

Girls Weekend Getaway Vendors included:  The Alpine Motor Lodge // Taco Bout It Truck // Fusions // Sip and Stroke painting party

sign up below to go next year!!!

Girls Weekend Getaway at the Alpine Motor Lodge


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