I’ll tell you what, our trip to Barbados exceeded all expectations. Warm sandy beaches and endless Rum Punch. For those of you looking to schedule a Caribbean trip I thought I’d share about this particular Island. Most photos were taking with my phone (who wants to carry a huge camera all the time? Plus I was on vacation. High Resolution Images will be linked to my stock photo gallery where you can purchase if desired)

(Photo from St Lawrence Gap Beach Front)

Barbados has one main airport located at the south east part of the island in Christ Church (city). When getting off the plane we took a taxi ($31.00 Barbados = $15.50 US) to St. Lawrence Gap where we stayed at the South Gap Hotel.



St. Lawrence Gap is known for its night life, hotels and restaurants. One of our favorite things to do was eat at the different resturaunts. Two key things when dinning in Barbados; 1. They let you enjoy your food for as long as you like. Which means the service isn’t slow it’s rather “relaxed” 2. Always make a reservation. Due to the relaxed atmosphere, your waiting time upon arrival could be anywhere between two to two and a half hours.  (Each one we went to was on this street you see above. Keep in mind that links include menus with Barbados prices. US is half the price)

CASTAWAYS: Click to View Menu



Creme Brûlée :  Caramel-coffee (My Favorite One), chocolate-orange and traditional vanilla


Passion Fruit Tart



Prima Bar & Bistro : Click to View the Menu

While eating here, we experienced the most rain we had the whole week and it lasted only through dinner. We sat along the waterside so it was fun listening to the rain during dinner.


Cafe’ Sol : Click to view Menuimg_4155

Paulo’s Churrasco Do Brasil : No Menu available

Brazilian Steak House. Click the Link to see the experience.


BRIDGETOWN: Barbados’ Capital

It’s also a short bus ride to the Captial. North of Bridgetown you’ll find the Mount Gay Rum distillery. Here they offer a Rum tasting tour for $30 Barbados $15 US. My favorite was the Black Barrel Rum. It has a hint of spice (best used in Rum Punch).



(Merchant in Bridgetown)

Oisin’s Fish Fry (Friday Nights starting at 6:00pm)


One of our favorite things we did all week was the Catamaran Cruise through Bolador We had so much fun and lucked out only being 2 of 5 passengers!


The people of Barbados are very friendly. Don’t be surprised if you are stopped multiple times with their creative ways to sell you something. When stopped just simply say “no thanks” or you may be expected to pay for something they are trying to sell.

South Gap Hotel


A view of the ocean from the pool.


We walked over the platform and swam on the beach.img_4105

(Dover Beach :: a short walk South of St. Lawrence Gap)

All the beaches are public. Many you’ll have to get to through hotels or alleyways. The entire island is made of Coral so finding a spot with soft sand is not always likely. You may want your watershoes (ouch). This beach we enjoyed the privacy but also the sighting of a couple sea turtles.



You might not be able to tell but that little dark thing sticking out the water is a sea turtle. _mg_0033

Thanks for letting me share our trip with you. Comment below your favorite Carribbean destination.

Kara Hanes Photography :: Stock Photos

One thought on “Barbados

  1. Glad you liked it! I did favorite might be St Lucia tho..St Thomas, too..I would go anywhere actually:) next up for us, is Hawaii!


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