Bekkering Twins 6 Months

Okay can we just pause a moment in this crazy world of social media and take in these adorable babes? Recently Kyle and Kathryn turned 6 months! Can I just say that raising twins deserves a major award? Juggling feeding and sleep schedules, when one baby cries the other might start and then for a brief moment you get a smile and then… Poop. Yup, those of you who have had little ones know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m just keeping it real.



Well despite the struggles there are the best moments where you get a little bit of laughter and my all time favorite thing, a snuggle. When coming in the the studio I was ready to call it a day when Kyle laid his head on my shoulder and we hadn’t even started. (you know I’m kidding) For real though it’s probably one of the biggest things I miss about my kids being so little.


Well, as we gawk over their cuteness I just want to congratulate my good friends Curtis and Michelle on making it to 6 months with 3 kids under the age of 3. You two are amazing parents and I just cherish our friendship!



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